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The PoS interest rate becomes 2000% when blocks are multiples of 3!!!

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What is SanDeGo?

SanDeGo is the high interest CryptoCurrency which is based on BlackCoin. As a feature of this coin,the POS interest rate becomes 2000% when blocks are multiples of 3. The other cases is 300%. (However the rate is 100% until 30000 blocks.) The rate is a little irregular as above. In Japanease "San" means "3"(three) and "De" means "At the time of" in this case. SanDeGo is "At the time of 3 GO" : When blocks of this coin are multiples of 3, The POS interest rate gets to rise. Therefore we named this coin SanDeGo.

  • SanDeGo has no limit to issue and POS interest rate is high. Sense we can do tipping easily.
  • Easy to understand SanDeGo's guide and many information at release official HP.
  • Breakdown premine and high transparency because SanDego burn after listing sale.
  • eco-friendly and low electric bill. because PoS system.


Coin Name SanDeGo(SDGO)
Algorithm POS+POW(POW ended)
Proof of Stake Reward 100%(until 30000blocks)
2000%(when blocks are multiples of 3)
300%(except for above)
POW Reward 1000(until 1000blocks)
0(except for above)
MAX Coins Unlimited
Premine 10billion SDGO *Scroll down to check details.

Premine usage

It is a plan that 50% of Premine is for AIRDROP(40%) and reward to collaborators(10%). Another 50% is to be sold at special price that is 1 satoshi per 1 SDGO after the coin is listed on Exchange. When there still remain premined coins left after that, all of them are to be burn except for some reward.
As of 25/4/2018, we decided send and will sent 6G30M SDGO in the 10G
Normally All Lockup. (other case:sent reward etc...) So,you don't care sell out operators after 1sat sale.



White Paper

English version of White Paper was releaed on 9th May



Wallet Download

Windows and Linux version available now. This is NOT Virus.

please virus check -> virustotal result
Also, This wallet is need many times finished sync.This is because download all transacion history.

Mac under development


SanDeGo Team

Representative sandego
Planning Team KomugikoMan / BILLY / sayaka / nept1
Foreign PR Team KomugikoMan / Kenny-T / nept1
Engineer Team sandego / NEKONABE
Engineer Supporter Euclid
Designer Team tricolore / MONAKO MOTO NIDAN